Thursday, 1 March 2012

Erin & Paul's DIY white wedding buffet

When I first met Erin, she was a vibrant, beautiful, soon to be bride who wanted something unique for her special day, but wasn't really sure what.  When I showed her our Ladies Only Engagement Celebration, she was swooning! From that inspiration we decided on a simple all white buffet with red velvet cuppies {Paul's favorite}.

This was a DIY wedding buffet on a budget, and I had so much fun doing it.

My favorite project was the "Truffle Trees."  Those little buds are cookie dough goodness dipped in chocolate coating, wrapped up and ready for picking.  

I made the ruffled backdrop panels by hand, using white streamers, a glue stick, and 3 pieces of cardboard. The cake pop stands are made from white dollar store boxes with a row of streamer ruffles and a row of white lace, then lined with Styrofoam and filled with sugar.

Okay, let's be honest.  I know my pictures aren't great, and when I work alone my posts are not as fancy and beautiful as when I work with Natalie. BUT I just got a new camera {I have no idea how to use it yet} so gimme some time and I promise my pictures will get better :)

Here is the finished product!

Congratulations Erin & Paul,  I wish you love and happiness forever & always!

  style/design: darling & daisy  |  sweets: darling & daisy 

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