Thursday, 14 November 2013

'Meet The Girls!'

Our new website is sooo close to being complete, which means an organized portfolio of our work, comprehensive information about our services, AND I can have my life back! We are not web designers, but we are stubborn as hell. Hence why we do everything ourselves.

Sometimes it's a curse, but in the end I think the website will rock. Here's a little video I edited from an impromptu shoot we did this past weekend to help us launch this holiday season! It's for the 'Meet The Girls' page on our site.

We ain't videographers, and it's a little mad watching a crazy baby run around while shooting and working on a hundred things at once and trying to get it all done before the sun goes down...but I still kinda like it. It's fun learning new things and the sort of "home-video" style of it is true to Darling and Daisy.

Whatch'ya think?

'Meet The Girls' from Darling and Daisy on Vimeo.