Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Ross turns 30

What's better than a party? a SURPRISE party! Amanda asked me to create a killer dessert table and boy-ishly awesome space for her husband Ross 30th birthday. As much as I love pastels and glitter, I was so excited to do something different. I asked Amanda to tell me a bit about Ross, and learned he grew up in Scotland, loves traveling, sweets, soccer, beer and other typical guy stuff.

A very generous friend of my mine mailed me hundreds of bottle caps all the way from BC that he's collected over the past 10 years. I made a giant marquee 30 covered in caps, and used them throughout the space. My talented friend Sarah painted a few cake toppers for me that I think brought everything together.

                                                   Take a look at all the fun little details!
style & design: Darling & Daisy  |  sweets: Baked by Amanda
photography: Darling and Daisy  |  Banners by: Sarah
Invitation by: Darling and Daisy/Natalie Spencer

Monday, 2 December 2013


Julie is that rare clients you know will become a long time friend. She put her utmost faith in me and let me use my creativity to design her bridal shower.  She even invited Sheena and I to stay for lunch. Just your average 3 course Italian meal with about 100 desserts (per person).

It was amazing, and so is she.

Since I was hanging around enjoying the company of over 200 beautiful woman, I couldn't help but make a little home video to capture how truly stunning Julie is. If you pay attention to the honest love and affection she shares with her family and friends, you will no doubt see the light that shines so bright in this young woman. She was genuinely grateful for me, and every person attending this celebration that meant so much to her.

I created a ton of fun details for this, including some pretty styled mannequins, and a pretty sweet little sweet display. Pictures coming soon, but for now, press play and enjoy :)

CAUTION: I am not a videographer. No tripod, no fancy camera, just a chick who finds this really fun (and strangely relaxing).

*Sweets made by friends and Family!*
Julie from Darling and Daisy on Vimeo.

 Pictures coming soon...here's a peak at some details!
Pictures coming soon...here's a peak at some details!