Saturday, 31 March 2012

A simple and elegant wedding

Katie and I had the pleasure of decorating this gorgeous wedding in Ottawa. Natalie and Mom {Nancy} met with our lovely bride Lauren, and planned the floral design/overall decor of the intimate event.  Katie and I were the florists/designers on the day, and we loved every minute of it. The outdoor location was stunning, complete with fresh mason jar bouquets hanging from shepard's hooks, and white lanterns adding some romance to the setting. The restaurant went from bland to beautiful with tons of flowers, and a cute custom fireplace design that brought the room together. 
The wedding looked almost as fabulous as Lauren herself.

style/design/flowers: darling & daisy  |    photography: Katie 

first Christmas party without mom

Christmas is always a particularly dramatic time of year at my house. My mom being a decorator/florist who is known for her unique Christmas decor, I am accustomed to some pretty elaborate celebrations. But for Christmas 2011, I was on my own. TJ and I had our first Christmas party at our new place in Roncey Village. If he didn't think I was crazy before (which he did..) he absolutely saw my true colours when we decided to throw a party. "Uh, what are you doing" he said,  as I immediately started to sketch my dessert table plan/food menu and rummaged through the cupboards for supplies.  Oh, and speaking of people who think I am nuts, my beautiful friends Sarah & Claire came over before the party...yes, very brave girls..they ended up rolling approximately 100 meat balls, drawing snowflakes, hanging lights, making popcorn cones, and pretty much every other random task I threw at them as I fluttered around, cooking like a maniac. Mom would have been proud. I cooked from scratch enough delicious food and dessert to last a month, and our loft looked pretty spiffy! {more photos to come}
style/design: darling & daisy  |   custom sweets: darling & daisy    |   
  photography: Sarah Hempinstall 

Naniamo bars by: Kristi Angus

Friday, 30 March 2012

A spooky halloween


style/design/: darling & daisy  |   custom sweets: darling & daisy    |   

Thursday, 29 March 2012

cakes | mini cakes| cupcakes | cookies | made by Natalie & I

The days of The Lush Cake were pretty crazy, I will admit. Here are a few of my favorite custom cakes baked from scratch and designed by Nat & I.  A one of a kind cake makes for a stunning centerpiece to any dessert buffet, and here's a little inspiration to prove it!
left: Mercedes     |      right: Natalie
Notice the sour expressions on our faces? The following creations are a by-product of a constant state of cake insanity. I'd say it was worth it, do you agree?

 Whew, Well that was a trip down memory lane!
xo Mercedes

Note: all the beautiful photos are by Nat & and the non-edited not so pretty ones are by me!