Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Easton's 5th Birthday | get ready for take-off!

Oh children's parties how I looove you. Only my most favorite type of event to design, and if you know me you'd agree, my favorite to attend. As a self proclaimed Peter Pan, I take so much pride in working with kids to throw a party they will never forget! With Easton's dream of being a pilot, it seemed obvious that we had to make his very own airway for our dessert buffet at his 5th Birthday. This party had only 6 kids in attendance, so darling & daisy designed a custom chocolate fudge cake, and some yummy chocolate cupcakes to fill up those little bellies.  Easton was proud to be apart of the design team by making the cupcake topper paper airplanes himself, and I think he did a great job. Everyone took home a "luggage" full of treats as a thank you for celebrating this special day with Easton.  I hope this post get's you thinking of the endless darling & daisy party design possibilities for kids, as it does for me!
style/design: darling & daisy  |   custom sweets: darling & daisy    

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A delightful victorian tea party

Remember when you used to throw on some pearls, place all your teddies around a table, pour them some tea, and talk endlessly about how delicious the tea and biscuits are & other important happenings? (..maybe add a fantastic-ly horrible English accent..) Well this is precisely the same, just replace your teddies with your favorite ladies and add a sparkly diamond to your ring finger.  Although a wide variety of fresh tea was the focal point of this lovely little celebration, it could not have been complete without homemade glazed donuts, grandmas famous almond cake with vanilla frosting, fresh biscuits, berry cookies & refreshingly delicious fruit punch. A place setting was designed for each guest which included a vintage tea cup with a fresh flower arrangement inside.  The lucky guests took home their one of a kind arrangement & cup as a thank you for honoring our bride-to-be. All design, styling, baking, and flowers created by darling & daisy!
style/design/flowers: darling & daisy  |   custom sweets: darling & daisy  
photography: Natalie Spencer 

Monday, 14 May 2012

L&J's wedding {homemade cookie bar}

            It was the perfect day. Sun was shining, love was in the air, and oh yea..2 beautiful people became husband and wife. Lauren did a total DIY wedding, and I had no idea how talented she is until I saw it all come together.  She chose a shabby chic country style, with tons of original ideas & fun activities for her guests.  When I arrived she put me immediately on staging props and making things perfect duty. I started with the cookie bar. Baked by myself, her other bridesmaids, and her loving family and friends, each cookie was simply delicious and together they were absolutely irresistible {I say that from experience...12 cookies & 1 sugar high later..}

More photos to come soon!
           style/design: darling & daisy  |  sweets: darling & daisy
                                                            friends and family of the bride
Photography: Me

Saturday, 12 May 2012

A whimsical Mother's Day

I am so grateful for my amazing mom. She has given me everything, from the best relationship advice, & cooking skills, to tons of creative talents and some pretty darn good genetics {if I say so myself!}.  When Mother's Day rolls around, I like to find new ways to say 'thank you mom.'  This table was designed with all the hard-working, beautiful momma's out there in mind.  We included some of moms favorite treats, and a few of her own famous recipes. Darling & Daisy made the adorable cherry pie pops, fresh butter tarts, homemade lemon cake with cream cheese frosting, vanilla cupcakes, & some lofthouse style sugar cookies. Take a close look at all our delicious & adorable details, and let's celebrate Mother's Day in style!
 style/design: darling & daisy  |  custom sweets: darling & daisy     photography: Natalie Spencer