Saturday, 31 March 2012

first Christmas party without mom

Christmas is always a particularly dramatic time of year at my house. My mom being a decorator/florist who is known for her unique Christmas decor, I am accustomed to some pretty elaborate celebrations. But for Christmas 2011, I was on my own. TJ and I had our first Christmas party at our new place in Roncey Village. If he didn't think I was crazy before (which he did..) he absolutely saw my true colours when we decided to throw a party. "Uh, what are you doing" he said,  as I immediately started to sketch my dessert table plan/food menu and rummaged through the cupboards for supplies.  Oh, and speaking of people who think I am nuts, my beautiful friends Sarah & Claire came over before the party...yes, very brave girls..they ended up rolling approximately 100 meat balls, drawing snowflakes, hanging lights, making popcorn cones, and pretty much every other random task I threw at them as I fluttered around, cooking like a maniac. Mom would have been proud. I cooked from scratch enough delicious food and dessert to last a month, and our loft looked pretty spiffy! {more photos to come}
style/design: darling & daisy  |   custom sweets: darling & daisy    |   
  photography: Sarah Hempinstall 

Naniamo bars by: Kristi Angus

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