Friday, 10 February 2012

gender reveal

It started off as a simple family dinner, and soon enough we were having a party. We just couldn't resist. Natalie is pregnant {Yay for auntie-hood!} and the same day she found out the gender,  she told everyone in the most fun and creative way.  Of course a little dessert buffet was in order.
Our pretty and cheap backdrop, made from a piece of foam board, streamers and a glue stick. We cut the letters out of a piece of sparkly paper we found in Nat's paper drawer and glued them on a string.
homemade lip and mustache sugar cookies dipped sprinkles and grandmas apple pie..mmm..
Thanks Home Depot, for the blue and pink paint swatches we used as guessing stickers!
The amazing time capsule. This idea came from my boyfriends family. His mom told me that they wrote cards for her grandchildren to open on each birthday, so I borrow the idea and jazzed it up.
I saw the grandparents slipping $50 bills in some of the cards, you're welcome baby niece.
And then there was the BBQ.
All homemade by my mom and grandma and myself. It's nice to be Italian, never an empty belly.
 The big one was more shocked than me!
 A very proud and excited soon to be Grandpa!
style/design: darling & daisy  |  sweets: darling & daisy 

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  1. OMG WHAT A GORGEOUS GORGEOUS IDEA!!!! Especially the card for their birthday nawwwww which I had of known bout this before my son was born!!
    Oh well what can you do hahaha
    All the best at being an Aunty and to the new mum!!
    That little girl is going to be one girly girl bubba :)