Wednesday, 4 April 2012

my sweathearts 30th

Okay I'll admit it. I am one of the lucky ones who has an incredibly handsome, sweet, sexy & hilarious man in my life.  Thank you universe. For his 30th Birthday, TJ wanted to spend the day eating his favorite foods, drinking his favorite drinks, and relaxing with his favorite people. Lucky for him his mom and dad came to town from BC and helped make that possible. Between me and his mom, everything from homemade sliders, and wings, to a dozen appetizers were made from scratch especially for his birthday.

Of course, it wouldn't be a party at our place if there wasn't a little Darling & Daisy action in there somewhere. 
 The day before the party {yes I know I'm nuts, thank you} I had the brilliant idea of making some of his favorite things into edible deliciousness, & baking his favorite treats. The Vancouver Canuck's being at the top of the list, the jersey sugar cookies were 100% necessary. Extra chewy chocolate chip cookies, and my famous 'lush bites' {decedent chocolate cake rolled in fresh vanilla butter cream and dipped in chocolate ganache} were a delicious addition to his 2 most loved foods made into yummy cakes. 

We had a blast, and a belly & headache the next day to prove it.

 Happy, full & maybe a little tipsy birthday boy with his 2 favourite ladies! His beautiful mamma Lil & me!
style/design: darling & daisy  |  sweets: darling & daisy 
sugar cookies: Gurts

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